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About Wireless Charging

June 19,2021 -

What is wireless charging?
With wireless charging, power is transferred via electromagnetic induction. Whereas traditional charging requires the power to pass through a cable, with inductive charging the device receives the necessary power through electromagnetic fields. This eradicates the need for wires. All you need is a Qi certified phone and a Qi certified charging station. It’s rather like your electric toothbrush: when it runs out of power you place it in the docking station where it is charged wirelessly.

How does wireless charging work?
Wireless charging works by something which is called magnetic induction. In inductive charging systems, energy is transferred between coils by a magnetic field via inductive coupling. Read more on how wireless charging works.

Why is wireless charging so convenient?
You sit down for a cup of coffee and place your smartphone on the table. The phone lights up and starts to charge automatically – without connectors or cables. Just grab your phone on your way out in the morning, and charge it wherever you need to – at home, the office, the library, on the train, in your car or at the local café. As wireless charging becomes more and more mainstream, wireless charging hotspots will soon be available everywhere.

Is wireless charging faster or slower than cabled charging?
It’s all about power. A 5W wireless charging system can deliver up to 5W of power to the battery of your phone. This is like a 5V/1A USB outlet and therefore it’s just as fast as wired charging. In general, it depends on the amount of power delivered to the phone. With cabled charging, the amount of power is dependent on the type and power rating of the adapter in combination with the capabilities of the phone. For wireless charging it is actually the same; a 15W charger has the capabilities to charge your phone faster than a 5W charger, but this also depends on the amount of power your phone can handle.

What is fast wireless charging?

Some phones and wireless chargers support fast charging. With fast wireless charging, the battery is simply charged faster by increasing the charging power. This results in shorter charging times.

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