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The main drive to Ali mobile power adorable.

09 Apr 2016 - Shenzhen factory power bank,corporate gifts power bank,famous brand mobile power bank

   Once upon a time, there was a from an unknown planet the little foxes, Ali, sometimes sad, sometimes naughty, and always wear white pants, eyebrow eye curved lovely stay Meng, passion for the peach, give people bring laughter, often active in QQ expression, we with it together through many warm stories, many wonderful adventure. Now, Toptai to everyone bring a tanuki theme adorable pet mobile power and super adorable appearance, mini figure, appear when you need most, bring warmth and continuation of Ali, the energy.


   Ali Meng Chong mobile power by super adorable popular cartoon Ali appearance head, composed of senior designers meticulously, reduction, Ali the cartoon, people Meng ran echocardiography. The aviation polycarbonate material, the use of PC + ABS high flame retardant materials, tough and abrasion resistance, surface after laser image engraving printing and imported rubber oil spraying, the skin surface, delicate touch. Stylish cute, compact size, size is 91.1*91.7*27.5mm, when to carry out more convenient.


   Ali Meng Chong mobile power internal use LG original high-energy lithium batteries, the nominal battery capacity for 10050mAh and more adequate electricity, charging input 5V / 2a, since faster charging. Side equipped with two standard USB output interface, can provide the maximum 5V/2.1A output, can be very good compatible with most of the handheld digital devices, users can rest assured that the use of.
Built in 9 intelligent safety protection design, fully enhance the charging and discharging efficiency, can prevent over charging, over discharge, over current, short circuit, overvoltage and other security issues, more intimate protection of digital devices are charged.